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Nora - www.yogaafterforty.com Photo by Peach House ProductionsWelcome! My name is Nora. I describe myself as a middle-aged millennial. I like freedom, wellness and a sharing economy.  My hair is gray and I work in an office.

You might ask what this has to do with yoga. Well, yoga is what sustains me and keeps me going so that I can be happy.  Through yoga, I heal injuries and improve my health.  I make dear friends and go on fun trips. Yoga is part of who I am and the person I want to become.

Ouch – First Back Injury

My story begins in my early 20’s.  I injured my back working in a clam bar.  At that time, I wasn’t aware of my body.  I ignored the pain for a long time and worked through it.  My father saw this and gave me the name of a chiropractor.

The chiropractor examined me and noticed that I injured my tail bone.  Half my back had become stronger than the other. This was my body’s way of dealing with the injury. I began seeing this chiropractor on a regular basis.

My Back Pain was a Gift

I was unhappy with how much attention my back needed.  I asked my chiropractor why I was having constant back issues. None of my other friends had this problem. I was young and shouldn’t have to deal with this at my age – or so I thought.

His response was to think of the pain as a gift.  When I heard this, I wanted to punch him. It didn’t feel like a gift. I was in pain.  His services weren’t cheap. However, he was right. It turned out to be a huge gift.  It led me to yoga.

From Chiro to Yogi

My chiropractor was great! He relieved my pain and got me back on track. But seeing him involved travel and money.

One day I found an article in the NY Times. It described the benefits of yoga including relief from back pain. It listed details on local yoga classes. I decided to try some classes.

Yoga became a remedy to my back pain. I began practicing at home using my first yoga tape, Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga.  Yes, this was the old days.  We had VHS!

Brazil and the US

Fast forward to Sao Paulo, Brazil, my new home and place of work. I lived close to a vibrant yoga school. It offered classes and a way of living. I began a regular practice. I learned how food impacts the body and began to meditate.

Yoga became my passion and a major part of my life.  I toyed with the idea of bringing a Brazilian yoga franchise to the US.  Instead, I moved back to the US and pursued a degree.  I kept practicing yoga on the side.

Becoming a Teacher    

After moving again, I began a new office job. In my spare time I practiced yoga, meditated and attended workshops.  I was certified as a teacher.

Over the years my interest in yoga has widened.  I have studied energy healing and diet. I have worked through issues on many levels, not just physical. I strive to create balance and teach yoga part-time.  Ashtanga Yoga is my main practice.  But, I try other types of yoga classes to continue learning.


My mission is to inspire you to practice yoga.  I hope you practice regardless of your age or health. Everyone has their own unique story.

For most people, it’s easy to practice yoga in their 20’s or 30’s. When I was younger, my job wasn’t stressful. I was less flexible in some ways than I am now.  But, my body could move through the poses.  Diet wasn’t something I considered.  Yet, I was able to develop a practice. Over time my practice grew stronger.

Yoga After Forty

As I got older life caught up with me. My mother passed.  I faced lay-offs. Health issues emerged. Practicing yoga became harder – but not impossible. In fact, it became necessary.

I intend to inspire you to keep practicing when times are tough.  This website will help you learn how to balance life through yoga.  You will find useful tools so that life after forty is a merry adventure.

What’s your unique story? How did you begin your yoga practice? Perhaps you haven’t begun but want to learn how. Please share. Ask questions. Follow me. Remember that life is short. Feel good and enjoy it!

Thank you for reading this.

All the best,

Nora - www.yogaafterforty.com - Photo by Peach House Productions




  1. Hi, I came here to ‘analyse’ the site to write a review for WA just to find out that I really like it. I’m also from Brazil. I hope you can publish articles with more frequency in a near future.

    • Oi Mary! Muita obrigada! The website is a work in progress. I do need to post more and plan on doing so!

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